1. Create a new Application

First of all you need to register a new application so you can get the client id and the client secret.

2. Authenticat yourself

Most of the TagMyCode API calls needs authentication. OAuth 2 is the only way to authenticate you requests.

Obtain Access Token

Redirect user to login page opening this link in browser


A successful authorization will pass the client the authorization code in the URL via the supplied redirect_uri


Now you can request a token with the authorization code

curl -k -u CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET "https://tagmycode.com/oauth2/token" -d 'grant_type=authorization_code&code=AUTHORIZATION_CODE&redirect_uri=https://example.com/callback'

The response will show you the access token in JSON format


3. Make a signed API call

After the authentication we want to test if everything works fine, for example we can make a call to /account resource

curl -k "https://api.tagmycode.com/account?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN" 

The response to this call should looks like this

  "registration_date":"2010-03-05 16:48:19",
  "activation_date":"2010-03-10 12:54:44",